We believe sometimes yoga needs to be personal to be understood; we hope to help more people find yoga and fall in love with it by delivering high quality, bespoke yoga lessons to the comfort of your own home.
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Our Story
Who are we?
Our Mission and Values
Jessica Gracie
Who are we?
Co-founder & CEO

Passionate yogi, showjumper and doglover
Raquelle Gracie O'Brien
Co-founder & Chief Yogi

Mama, passionate yoga teacher, and music lover
Our Mission and Values

The Yogassential mission is to raise awareness and enable more people to try yoga in the intimate, comfortable environment of their own home.

We empower our yoga teachers to practice their passion so they can provide high quality, bespoke yoga lessons tailored to the needs of each individual client.

It is important to us to stay true to the yoga philosophy of positivity and giving back to the community; in everything we do we endeavour to uphold these values, always responsive to feedback, putting our customers needs above our own.

How did we come to be?

The Yogassential App is the brainchild of 2 sisters; Raquelle has been a yoga teacher for 5 years whilst Jessica is a fairly recent yoga devotee.

It all started in the summer of '16 when Jessica decided it would be a good idea to give yoga another try as historically, it was never her thing. Wanting to receive a private, high quality bespoke yoga lesson to understand yoga in a deeper way Jessica set out looking for a teacher.

Surprisingly, it wasn't that easy. Whilst a quick google returns various teacher's websites and profiles the first step was simply, who to trust? There's not much to go on, in the end she had to take a leap of faith and just start calling to see who was available at the time she desired.

6 phone calls later and she finally found a teacher able to come at her chosen time. All in all the process must have taken at least half an hour and she started thinking… it shouldn't be that difficult in today's day and age. Fortunately the teacher who attended was highly skilled and insightful and Jessica was hooked.

When she told Raquelle about her experience of trying to book a lesson, Raquelle simply said, 'How ironic, the amount of teachers seeking more clients and yet clients can't even find one for when they want, there must be a better way.'

Whilst Raquelle is now proud co-owner of Fringe yoga, based in Hertfordshire she clearly remembers the early days of running around, trying to drum up more business yet feeling concerned about the security aspect, flaky clients and simply not always being able to teach clients at the specific times they required.

In a Eureka moment, experiencing the issues on both sides of the equation Raquelle and Jessica decided there must be a better solution.

In today's modern world there's an app for everything but very little to help find teachers and co-ordinate private yoga lessons so why not make one.

And the Yogassential App was born.

Tailored to meet the needs of both clients and teachers borne from common problems, the Yogassential App will be a tool for clients and teachers to facilitate easy booking and teaching of yoga lessons in the comfort of the home environment.

By making yoga that bit more accessible for all we hope to change how yoga is practiced across the UK.

For clients new to yoga they no longer need to feel intimidated by their lack of experience attending varied experience classes, they can receive the bespoke instruction one particularly needs when they're new to yoga and it's all at their convenience.

Pick your teacher based on other's user's rating so you can have confidence in the quality of instruction you will receive.

The way we see it is - why go out to practice yoga when your yoga can come to you?

Forget the traffic jams, running around in the rain, getting cold straight after class and just enjoy your lesson and relax at home straight after, it doesn't get easier than that.

Teachers benefit from their profile reaching more clients, we take on their marketing and promotion. All our teachers need to do is make sure they keep their schedule updated and attend their classes.

It really is that simple. Become a part of the Yogassential story, sign up with us today and regardless of whether you're a client or teacher, you can enjoy your yoga like never before.