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5 reasons to book a yoga class at home
5 reasons to book a yoga class at home

  • It's convenient. You don't have to rush to get anywhere. You don't have to find anywhere to park or make sure you get the right bus. Your HOME is your studio.
  • It doesn't matter if Carol from the school run has the same leggings as you. It's just you and your teacher.
  • You get attention where you need it most. Hamstrings feeling tight? Tension in your shoulders ? Your teacher is there to tailor your class to your unique body to ensure that you get you the best out of your workout.
  • So what if you're not really flexible? You're doing yoga for you, not to compete with the strangely bendy old man three mats down!
  • If you're not confident then it can really help. Trying something new or challenging your existing practice in the comfort of your own home can show you how to push your own boundaries and align those chakras!

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