Introducing Yogassential to the North West

Fantastic show, great people, thank you Manchester
Meeting the North West community

Although it was incredibly hectic, it was energising to talk about the concept with so many people and see reactions.

Our main priority was to introduce the concept to the North West and see who'd be interested to sign up as a client or teacher.

Have you thought about booking a private yoga teacher?

We know how popular yoga is, you probably wouldn't be reading this if you didn't like yoga. Right now when people think I want to do yoga they look for the closest, most convenient class.

If you don't regularly practice yoga this can be intimidating, sometimes the class is un-matched and there is even the potential for injury as it's impossible for a teacher to fully monitor studio classes of 10+.

New to yoga?

If you want to try yoga but have never practiced it before does attending your local class randomly look that appealing?

Seeking a yoga teacher?

From personal experience I've tried to find a local yoga teacher but was overwhelmed by search results on Google that then required a lot of work to secure a teacher when I wanted who'd be suitable.

Our Solution

Now, booking an affordable, private yoga lesson really is just a few taps away on the App. View your teacher, check out recent ratings, find one you like and check out their schedule. No more back and forth, you decide you want a lesson, your teacher arrives, when you decide and book to do it, you're definitely doing it. ;)


Jessica Gracie

May 29th, 2017

Me and Sophie taking part in a pairs yoga workshop, super fun