Yoga is for everyone...
4 Generations of Yoga
By YS co-founder Raquelle Gracie O'Brien

"I'm 82 years old and I can still touch my toes....that really is thanks to yoga"

82 year old Sheila Gracie

"I want to be a yoga teacher like my mummy"

4 year old Gracie O'Brien

"Yoga has always been there for me in dark and difficult times and brings peace back into my life."

49 year old Michelle Gracie-Ainscough

"Yoga keeps me sane. It gives me so much pleasure to teach, to be taught and to continue learning and growing. Yoga truly is a skill for life. I see it as a tool that allows you to be happier, healthier and kinder"

30 year old me :)

I have been lucky enough to have been practicing yoga throughout my entire adult life. My granny really instilled the importance of exercise for both body and mind in my Mum and myself as I was growing up. The whole family would join in our yoga classes, from Grandad to my 11 year old sister (now Yogassential co-founder).....looking back I realise this wasn't exactly normal and so many people still don't actually know what yoga really is. This is one of the reasons why we have created Yogassential. To make yoga accessible to ALL!

It is clear from these pictures that yoga knows no stereotypes. It is not about being the bendiest person in the room (although increased flexibility is one of the many benefits of yoga). What it really creates is space. Space in the body and space in the mind and that is something every single person in the world, flexible or not, young and old can benefit from!

When we came up with the initial idea for Yogassential, Granny and Mum were the first two people that we asked whether they thought it could work. Both of them were so excited for us and agreed that making yoga accessible to people who can't get to studios or don't want to practice in large groups would be a huge achievement.
Granny was super keen on the fact that YS classes are tailor made to suit the client and their bodies and Mum loved the idea that it could be on her own time due to her crazy schedule juggling work and children! It was a massive boost of confidence for us to go ahead and really make this happen if these two were behind us every step of the way.

I asked Granny how she came to practice yoga in a time where it really wasn't readily available or even known about like it is now. She said, "I always liked to keep fit. I was a dancer and a singer and I knew how important the breath is. When I had my first yoga lesson quite by accident in the 70s, I realised immediately how beneficial the practice was and what a difference it made to my wellbeing. My mind and my body were moving as one with the breath guiding us. I never looked made perfect sense".

I asked Gracie, my 4 year old daughter a similar question. Why do you like yoga? Her reply was amazing, "because it makes me feel happy". The honest words of a 4 year old, simple and effective.

In short, yoga is for everybody. Book your tailor made class whenever and wherever, on the Yogassential App today!

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