YOGA for Travellers
By Chief Yogi & Co-Founder of YS Raquelle

As awesome as taking a good old summer vacation is, the actual travelling is never easy. Whether you were standing up for hours waiting to board your Ryan Air plane, squished up in the car or long hauling across the Atlantic we all arrive at the destination a little dishevelled.
The good news is your yoga mat (particularly the Yogi Bare travel mat) fits perfectly into your suitcase and your hotel room and I have chosen a few of my favourite unravelling and tension releasing poses to share with you that I always do after travelling.

A gentle neck circle to both sides can really alleviate tension in the shoulders and neck which tends to build up after travelling and from stressful situations.

BALASANA - Childs Pose
This pose is no doubt every yogi's best friend. The release in the lower back, gentle forward fold and opening in the hips allows for more space to be created in the body all the while invoking the parasympathetic nervous system which helps the body to calm and destress. Airports, check in and security can sometimes leave you a little flustered and don't even get me started on the baby food and milk situation (almond milk alternative doesn't always count as baby milk FYI). My point being that your flight and flight responses are probably more likely to be triggered in these types of situations no matter how yogified we try to be. This pose is the answer, believe me!

This movement from all fours, arching the back to rounding the back really creates some nice space in the spine. Remember to keep the the core gently activated even when arching the back. Use your breath to flow from cat to cow moving with your own rhythm.

ANJANEASANA - Crescent Lunge Pose
Giving your body a real opportunity to stretch out after being cramped up or in an uncomfortable position, Anjaneyasa creates space in the spine and a deep opening in the psoas. You can go as deeply as feels good here but try not to dump into the joints but actively lift up from the heart and pubic bone whilst simultaneously moving deeper into the bend of the front knee. Watch out for banana back (overly backbending) and focus on drawing in the bellly to the spine to find that extra lift in the core. Remember to do the other side :)

Hope you feel reenergised and much less stressed after practising these few simple moves.