The YS High 5
This time of year is a real nightmare for finding balance. Things start to go a little crazy when those Christmas adverts start playing and suddenly everywhere you turn there's something else you need to do, need to order and need to buy! Here are a few tips to keep you grounded while the rest of the world goes stir crazy!!!
  • MAKE LISTS. As annoying as a never ending to-do list can me, that feeling of crossing one chore off is so satisfying!
  • MEDITATE whenever and wherever you can. In the bath, in bed or on your lunch break. Give your body and mind time to rest and re-energize.
  • A weekly YOGA lesson can be the stress reliever that you need. Remember the body holds stress in the shoulders, hips and spine. Fit the yoga class to your schedule with the Yogassential app or find a local yoga class that is easy to get to.
  • Don't let other PEOPLE get under your skin. Whether it's your partner, kids or that frustratingly organized next door neighbor who has everything under control. Just do you, you got this!
  • If you work hard don't forget to play hard as well. Say yes to something you wouldn't usually say yes to! Life is all about experiences and trying new things :)
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The Yogassential Team