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The benefits of having a daily meditation practice are no secret. Being happier, less stressed, more successful and healthier are touted as the reasons why we should all be meditating daily. Praised as the next-big-thing in mainstream wellness with thousands of studies showing the positive impact that meditating has on our health and well-being, it is certainly something we all need to try to implement into our everyday lives.

However, this is when it gets challenging. Excuses come up such as tiredness, too stressed, too busy to mediate but these are the times when we need this ancient and healing practice the most. Below there are 5 tips which I have found help me to eventually maintain a daily meditation practice.
  • Start small, try 5 minute meditations maybe guided or to music with the goal to increase by 5 minutes every two weeks (ideal meditation time 20-30mins).
  • View meditation as a necessity, like you would food and water. Try not to let excuses get in the way and similarly don't lose momentum if you miss it one day. Get straight back on the horse (so to speak).
  • Find one time in the day that works for you and stick to it. I have a daily reminder from my phone at 10pm every night saying "it's meditation time - no excuses".
  • Try other types of mediation (you can find them on free meditation App 'Insight Timer") for example, yoga nidra or meditation for sleep, anxiety, calm. This keeps it interesting and adventurous. See what works for you and continue to explore the depths of your incredible consciousness.
  • Go to community events near you to meet other like-minded individuals and feel part of this mindful movement. If you are in London, we highly recommend Meditation Unlocked.
Good luck mindful yogis on your meditation journeys. Do let us know how you go on by emailing

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The Yogassential Team