Co-founder of Yogassential Raquelle shares her story
From the music industry to yoga and well tech
I'm Raquelle, co-founder of the Yogassential App and also co-founder of (our sister company).

I was introduced to yoga by my wonderful mum aged 14 although I certainly didn't understand the true benefits of yoga until I had been practicing for a lot longer. A move to London to attend drama school at 16 saw me become a Bikram Yoga addict. Obsessed with the physical and aesthetic benefits of yoga, I fell right into the Bikram trap of ego, impressive poses and competitiveness - I was not really so yogic at this point!!!

I continued in the performing arts industry for a good few years and was honored to reach final 5 in X-Factor 2007 and shorty after the UK tour I moved to LA to further my music career. I had some incredible opportunities and worked with some of the best; Pharrell, Babyface, Rodney Jerkins, Rock City and many more. But slowly and surely I was burning out. Losing myself and turning to lots of unhealthy habits to cope with the loneliness and burning the candle at both ends. I began to fall into a deep, dark hole. When shit hit the fan and I was dropped by my record label (for a second time), yoga truly saved me and only then did I realize its power to invoke mental strength and hopefulness. I returned home with a new zest for life and a passion to share yoga, write conscious music and change the world for the better. I did my teacher training in 2012 at Suryalila with Frog Lotus Yoga. I was then blessed with my two little monkeys in the years that followed and after finding my feet in motherhood, Jodie Merrick (an inspirational yoga teacher and friend) and I decided to set up in 2015. Yogassential was born in 2016 after my sister, Jessica and I realized that this was exactly what yoga teachers and the world needs to spread the word of yoga and for us all to live more stress free, happier lives.


Raquelle X
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